Introducing Item Listing Ultra by SaleLore™


Item Listing Ultra Software Our low-cost subscription-based program is perfect for enabling budding or experienced entrepreneurs to list online with maximum ease and efficiency. Contact Us
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Item Listing Ultra presented by Salelore™, will help sellers build and maintain their Etsy business.

The term ‘Etsy’ is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. This application uses the Etsy API but is not endorsed or certified by Etsy, Inc

Introducing Item Listing Ultra by SaleLore™!

Your best solution for managing your ETSY Business.

We offer assistance for your business and give you the best chance to grow

When it comes to your business, time is money. By using Item Listing Ultra you can save an incredible amount of time by creating users to help manage your store and outsource your work. With your permission, your team can upload dozens of listings with images and video via a CSV file. You can do digital listings as well. You or your team can create drafts, save them and publish them when ready. With the Item Listing Ultra, you can copy listings with one click, tweak the photos and descriptions and you’re all set!

The power Item Listing Ultra brings to you and your business is a game changer. You can create roles for the ability to have a warehouse or drop ship partner which allows you to sell in the US while having a warehouse in a different country. They don’t even need to have access to ETSY in order to do so. They can dispatch the items and upload tracking information and messages to your clients. This means no more shutting down your store while you’re on vacation! There is also a vacation mode option and persons with permissions can still work on drafts and edit listings. Another cool feature of Item Listing Ultra is that you can add more users to your team during peak periods or scale down when times are tough.

With Item Listing Ultra you will also have the advantage of knowledge. You will have up-to-date sales information and can manage your inventory. You will be able to easily change the pricing or remove listings if need be. This will allow you to have someone else do the management work for you while you can put your efforts elsewhere. Like coming up with new ideas!

The benefits are all yours and you are in control knowing that you have the tools to grow.

Item Listing Ultra Software


Who am I ?

By nature, Tristan would not consider himself a tech guy. He is a business analyst by day, and by night he is a collector of vintage items. Tristan has an eye for things like collector action figures, retro PC games, and first-edition books. His passion led him to start a shop on eBay, then Amazon, then Etsy. Tristan was selling on multiple platforms and finding success. What he needed was help managing his Etsy account and to be able to give access to someone to work it without compromising his personal information.

Item Listing Ultra

Tristan reached out to Etsy to see if there was anything like this available to him, and the response he got was they simply do not offer that functionality. So, Tristan created it himself. He calls it Item Listing Ultra. And it's pretty ingenious.

So what is it? Let us tell you.

The Item Listing Ultra is a Web-based app that allows another user to manage, draft, edit and create listings without giving them access to your personal, financial, and other confidential information. Cool, right? It is a platform for Etsy sellers to manage and grow their business in a safe, secure, and efficient manner.
Tristan created this app with you in mind. Because he is you, he is an Etsy seller who saw a need to build better and maintain his store. And he wants to share this with you!

Item Listing Ultra Overview


All-in-one software for your business

Listing management 99%
Inventory management 99%
Order management 99%
Reporting 99%
User management 99%

Our low-cost subscription solution is perfect for any size business.

Download and use the app for free to get used to the features and benefits! A subscription is required to save your listings to ETSY. A store owner Subscription gives you all the features and a free user to help manage things. Add an additional user subscription for a small fee. Annual discounts are available. For bulk license options, please contact
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  • A subscription is required to save your listings to ETSY
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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s our pleasure to answer any questions you have
What is Item Listing Ultra?
Item Listing Ultra is a Web-based application that enables other users to manage, draft, edit, and create listings without granting them access to your personal, financial, and other confidential information. This app provides a safe, secure, and efficient platform for Etsy sellers to manage and grow their businesses. You can add employees or users to help grow your business and scale when you are ready during peak periods.
Is the Item Listing Ultra available for use on Apple computers?
Yes, Item Listing Ultra is available for all major web browsers. A mobile version will be available as well.
Why should I use the Item Listing Ultra instead of using the Etsy website for managing my shop?
While the Etsy website is a great platform for managing your shop, it does not allow third-party users to assist you with managing your store. Item listing ultra provides a secure and efficient way for another user to manage, draft, edit, and create listings on your behalf without having access to your personal, financial, and other confidential information. This can be especially useful if you have an assistant or collaborator who helps you with managing your shop. So, if you are looking for a way to manage your shop with the help of another user, the item listing ultra could be a great solution.
Can anyone use this app?
Yes, anyone can use this app as long as they have a Windows operating system that is version seven or above and an Apple model within the last 10 years.
Is the Item Listing Ultra free?
Yes, it is free to download and link to your store, and to view your listings. However, there is a small subscription fee if you wish to save and upload your work to ETSY. You can use the app for free to get used to it and then subscribe when ready.
Can users do whatever they like when given access to the app?
No, as the store owner, you can create different roles with different levels of access for users that you grant access to through our app. This allows you to control what actions each user can perform, ensuring that your store is managed according to your preferences and needs. You also get a free user as part of the store owner role.
Can a user have multiple roles?
Yes, users can have multiple roles. This will allow you to customize the level of access and permissions for each user, according to their role in your business. This will require a subscription for each role though.
Can I use the app to allow sales to a warehouse or drop shop?
Yes! you can set up a specific role within the app for sales to go through to a third-party organization such as a warehouse or drop shop. This can be useful if you want to streamline your sales process and manage orders more efficiently. This also solves the issue if ETSY is not available in your partner’s country.
Can I use the app if my Etsy store is in vacation mode?
Yes, you can still use the app even if your Etsy store is in vacation mode. However, you will not be able to view your active listings during this time. You can still draft and edit listings, and manage other aspects of your shop using the app. However, since you can outsource the work to other users you may not need to put your store on vacation mode. Why miss out on sales?
What currency can I use with the app?
The currency used within the app is determined by the currency settings you have established for your Etsy store. Therefore, you will be able to use the same currency that you have set up for your store when managing your listings using the app.
If I don't have access to Etsy in my country, can I still use the app?
Yes, you can still use the Item Listing Ultra even if you don't have access to Etsy in your country. The app allows you to manage your Etsy store without having to access the Etsy website directly. However, you will need to have an active Etsy account in order to use the app.
Can I create production partners using the app?
No, unfortunately, you cannot create production partners using the app. This needs to be created within your Etsy store. However, once you have set up your production partners in your Etsy store, you can select them in your listings using the app.
Can I bulk-upload drafts or listings using the app?
Yes, you can upload multiple drafts at once using the app. To do this, you will need to download a CSV template, fill it out with your listing information, and then upload the completed template into the app. This can save you a significant amount of time if you have a large number of listings to create.
Can I copy listings?
Yes, you can copy existing listings with a click of a button and then tweak the data. For example, if you are selling dresses, you can copy the Blue dress listing and make it a Red Dress simply and easily.
Can we set domestic and global pricing for listings using the app?
No, unfortunately, this is a limitation of Etsy and cannot be managed using the app. Pricing for domestic and international sales must be set up within your Etsy store and managed by the store owner.
What if I have a bad Internet connection?
If you have unstable or bad internet connectivity you may wish to look at our other product Item Listing Ultra. This way you won’t lose any of your precious work.
How do I subscribe to the app?
The payment is through PayPal. You can also see your subscriptions in the user list. You can stop the renewal of automatic payment for subscriptions, so this allows you to scale during peak and pull back costs when times are tough.

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